When I first started creating this piece, the first thing that came to my mind was to create something that has never been heard before. Influences to create this piece comes from EDM, Hip Hop, and House music. I can definitely see this piece being used for a dance song, that you could play in the clubs. This piece could even be used as nice intro for an album, it could possibly be used as a theme song as well. I really feel like this piece could be used musically in anyway that I would want it to be. Overall, the influence to be creative really help me create this piece.
This piece was created in common time 4/4 which most songs that you hear are created in that specific meter. In the rhythm pattern you will hear a kick, snare, hihat, crunk slam, and a rattler sound like it was from a snake. All of those sounds are from the hip hop heavy kit in the ultra beat drum machine, which is one of my favorite drum kits to use in logic because they really make the beat come alive. When you get the breakdown section the rhythm pattern changes for about four bars and then switch back to original drum pattern of the beat. During the breakdown the original rhythm pattern is muted, so you will hear sounds from the drum pattern I created for the breakdown, which I used a sub bass I created as kick, a snare sound from the drum designer machine Atlanta. I picked those sounds because they will fit best for a build towards a breakdown. For the bass line stays the same for the whole entire piece, I used the Attitude Bass sound patch to give the piece a nice hyped feel.
The keys for this piece are G# min for the first set of sixteen and B Major for the second of sixteen bars, which are relative keys to each other. I pick these two specific keys because they are relative one another and sound really good. The chord names used are would be C# minor, A diminished, G# minor, F# and B Sus 2. For the melody I choose to use the South African voice effects, I always love how voice effects sound on beats it is an amazing sound.
For my two synthesize tracks I used a sub bass I created with the Esp synthesizer and use the Esp on a guitar and made a synth sound out of it. This sub bass was picked because it will make nice kick sound and give that trunk rattle sensation like you riding in a car with sub woofers. When I synthesize the guitar, I realized how well it went along with the melody and thought it will be interesting to keep it in there. One interesting thing about the recording, included is a tag line I will start using when I am branding myself. “ Looking back is strictly for storytelling’’ will be the new tag line for my brand, so I thought it would be smart to see how people who never heard my music will respond to it. Tracks #8 and #14 are the two synth tracks in the project. For the sampler track which is track #16, I sample the claps I recorded with my mic, to create a ticking sound to go along with the build for the breakdown.
Track #13 which is Melody 2 uses a Studio VCA compressor to make sure the voices I used for the melody are loud enough to be heard in the beat. Track #16 the sampler track uses an expander, I wanted the claps I sampled to be expand along the beat, to give that unique sound that you were hearing. Track #17 uses two time based effects which were Enverb and Echo on the voice track. I picked these two time based effects because they sound real good on audio tracks with recorded voices, also I like how the reverb sounds on vocals. Another reason I went with the echo because it usually gives life to the vocals like I your in a hallway. In my opinion I always thought it was cool to hear how your voice bounces of the walls creating a unique sound. This is how I came up with the final track for this project, I had a lot fun creating this piece.