Leadership Portfolio

Leadership Portfolio


September 30th, 2018

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When it comes to starting a new company, a CEO will need to have these key qualities; vision, resources, culture, decision-making, and performance. While others may help craft the vision, the CEO must be able to clearly and compellingly communicate the strategy, mission and vision of the company where it’s going and why-to all constituents (Irwin). Therefore, having a vision is so important for a CEO to have. It is important to a CEO, to be able to determine what resources his or her business will need. Making sure they have the right people in place in the organization, so they can fill the positions within the company properly. When it comes to having it, culture is important for a CEO to not to get things accomplished within the company but from a moral standpoint. A values-driven culture is a key to high performance (Irwin). Decision-making is key because the employees will be looking to the CEO to make the right decisions to keep the company afloat. Sometimes, there may come a time where a CEO must decide on the spot and figure out the rest later. Their decision-making must be on point because a good CEO would want to have the trust of their employees. When it comes to performance, it is a CEO job to work with the other executives to set company goals, so they can measure the progress of each goal. These are the qualities that a person must have, to be a qualified CEO.

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