June 22nd, 2017

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When I completed the sounds for my foley I felt that they matched with my aesthetic of call of duty and destiny combined. The way the footsteps sounded when the character walking reminds of a soldier walking in heavy combat boots. I was definitely satisfied about how my footsteps came out because I wanted them to mimic how the characters move in call of duty. When the character sprints you can hear the heavy boots hitting the ground with a sense of urgency much like you hear when you are playing call of duty. I really wanted my foley to have an call of duty vibe to it because that was what I was basing my aesthetic on. There was nothing too fancy about the foley because I wanted to keep this section more realistic, so I went with basic sounds for the footsteps, jumps, sprints,lands, pickups, weapon aim and death sounds. The only difference with the weapons aim, pickups, and death sounds will go along with the aesthetic where I said wanted it to sound like destiny as well. If you pay close attention the aiming sound I have on the weapons it will remind you of the weapons from games like destiny and halo. Overall I believe my sounds for my foley turned out to sound very well.

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