Final Mix and Thoughts

Final Mix and Thoughts


June 22nd, 2017

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Overall, I was pretty satisfied with how my project turned out when it was finished. All of the sounds matched my aesthetic well and I did not have to make any changes to them. For the final mix it turned out better than I thought, because one of my biggest concerns was that the fly by of the vehicles will not be heard but they were heard very clearly. One thing that I wish would have turned out better was the ambient sound because you can hear when it pauses in the loop before it starts up again. Perhaps I could have added a quick fade to make the transition smoother. Other than that I am proud of the work I did on this project because I received some good feedback on it that will help me go even further in sound design. I really enjoyed working on this project, it was a lot of fun trying to create something that call of duty, destiny, halo and players of shooter games will enjoy. Using the westar sound library and my imagination really help me accomplish what I intended the game to sound like.

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