Ambience and User Interface

Ambience and User Interface


June 9th, 2017

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The ambience was created with sounds from a sound library, by combining futuristic and modern sounds together. In order to get that futuristic sound that I was looking for,I searched for sounds in the library that were futuristic sounds. Since this is a game set in the future, I had to make sure each sound I chose will fit with the environment that the player will be playing in. Since my two pillars were hyperrealism and futuristic, you will hear the ambience in certain sections of the map sounding like you are outer space on another planet. I want the players to actually feel like this is an actual world that they are living in. As the player is moving around to different parts of the map they will be able hear the different sounds you will hear in a futuristic building somewhere outpace. Anybody who plays this game will definitely see the halo and destiny resemblance in the ambience.
I want the player to be able to get an experience when they play this game because I want the player to be proud that they took the time to play this game. My main focus was to get an ambient sound as close as I could, to match the design of the map because I know the ambience can make or break a game.

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