A Mother’s Love

A Mother’s Love


December 9th, 2016

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“A Mother’s Love’’ is one of the hardest songs I ever written in my time as a hip hop artist. Ten years ago I lost the first lady that I ever fell in love with at the age of eighteen, now twenty-eight I am proud to finally deliver a song about my momma ten years later. There were many times where I tried writing this song but never followed through with any of those versions. When I wrote those versions I would always think they were not good enough. A song like this was not an easy song to write but I was able to get it done just in time for the year is out.
I didn’t want to write a mediocre song about my momma because if it weren’t for her then I would not be here. On December 20th 2006, I lost the one woman that was important to me my momma Loretta Ann Anthony. Around this time of year, it is usually hard for me because I lost my momma five days before Christmas. I have been taking it pretty well over the past years, I would say I get that from my daddy because we are people who like to hold things in. Music is a way I express my feelings, so this song could not have been released at any other time.
Normally, I would post a picture of her and write a post on the anniversary of her death but this year I was determined to do something different. I have written songs about a number of things in the past but a song about my momma. Better late than never I would say because when you write songs of this caliber, it is easy to feel that you left something out. Trusting in God’s timing I was finally able to come over the difficulty of writing this song. Originally, I was going to use a singer for the hook but after some convincing from a close friend who is like a brother I decided to perform the hook myself.
I never really have been this open about her death in a while, it’s not too often I talk about it like this. Every year when December 20th rolls around, the last time I saw her alive keeps replaying in my head. She was suffering from cancer and if you could have been there with me that night, you will see it had taken its toll on her. By the grace of God, I was able to have one last conversation with her before she was called home. One important thing from that conversation that stuck with me is, “You have to watch as well as you pray.” Until this day that piece of advice has always stuck with me, every time I pray I am reminded of that. Even though she is not here in the flesh, she is still here in spirit because she lives on through me.
This song may be a personal song as paying tribute to my momma but it also can be an inspiration those who have lost their momma too or for anyone who wants to show appreciation to their momma. In life you only get one momma and you better make sure that you make it known that you appreciate her. I also hope to inspire others to write their own songs about theirs too, it may be a tough task to complete but you can do it. From experience my best advice would be take your time and let come to you naturally. Since I have written this song it definitely has opened my creativity up even more and I am now able to move on to different topics. If you have lost your momma like I have, I hope this inspires you to find a way to express it in your own creative way. Be Blessed

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