The Meaning of Amnesic

The Meaning of Amnesic


June 14th, 2016

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When you look up the definition of amnesic, it is one who suffers from amnesia. The word amnesic gave me the idea for the concept of my new single “Amnesic” which you will hear in the song I will say she got a case of amnesia. Many fellow men will be able to relate to this concept of the song or even a woman could flip the meaning and say he got a case of amnesia because we all have experienced someone who acted like they were amnesic. By now you are wondering what I mean by someone acting like they were amnesic, what I am saying is that people tend to catch amnesia to the behavior that made you not want to deal with them anymore to their benefit. A good example would be, from my own personal experiences where I had some women who tried to comeback into my life after they had done me wrong.
One thing I have learned in life, is there are certain people that will want to be in your life again like everything is cool and forget how they mistreated you in the pass. When you are doing good for yourself and without them, they would want to take an interest in you all of sudden. Before they were not interested in you at all but now they see you are evolving into something that will be great, they want a piece of the action. Which is why I came up with the concept of my new single titled “Amnesic.” Basically, I was releasing my frustration with some women I had in past that did me dirty. Now I don’t give them any of my attention anymore, they want to take an interest in me.
Since I am not going to fall for the fake love, I am making it known they are suffering from a case of amnesia. Instead of calling these women gold diggers, I used my creativity to call them amnesic. Not only is the song based off experiences, I am also predicting the future here as well. There will be woman who I was interested in the past, that will come out of the wood works when they see I have reached success. Anyone who has been in a similar situation will also to be able to relate this concept also. Amnesic was created to touch on a part of my life I have not really spoken about in my music. I will be doing many more songs that will touch on some more personal experiences of mine.
Now you will know the deeper meaning behind my new single “Amnesic.” If you have been following me for awhile you would notice that the last two songs I have released been based on either a personal experience or a motivational message. Stay tuned for more, in a later blog I will go into more detail about the concept behind my upcoming album.

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