Break The Chain (My Life)

Break The Chain (My Life)


April 7th, 2016

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I know what you are probably thinking, when you see the hands balled in fist breaking the chains off, you are automatically thinking about slavery. That is just half the concept it goes a little deeper than you think. We the human race are free but somehow we are still slaves bounded by the chains that society use to restricted us mentally. Take a moment to think, Why did you pick the career you are in now? Was it something you were passionate about or a career you choose because it was something that would be acceptable by your peers? This new song called,”My Life” is based around the concept that it is often dreamers are frowned upon, because they deviate from what would be consider the road most traveled. When I reflect back during the time I was in the Army and I decided that I was not reenlisting after my initial term was up, I had a lot people telling me I shouldn’t get out and that is rough out there in the civilian world. Regardless what career path I would have choose there will always be obstacles and that’s just life. Basically, our message in the song is to motivate people to break free of being a slave to others opinions about what to do with your life. Go chase your dreams because you only have one life to live, stop living for other people and start living for yourself. Only you know what you are truly passionate about don’t let others opinions defer you from going after your dream. Those same people who are in doubt, are just afraid that you will make your dream come true. When you hear “My Life” you will be inspired to listen to your inner voice within you and
chase your dreams. Like the title says break the chain to mental slavery, don’t let other opinions stop you from doing what your heart desires.

Chase your dreams no matter what people say trying to discourage you from your goal. Break the chains and be free! Don't become slave to other people's opinions on your life. #MyLife

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